How to Estimate the Cost of a Commercial Roof Replacement

Construction worker install new roof, Roofing tools, Electric drill used on new roofs with Metal Sheet.

How to Estimate the Cost of a Commercial Roof Replacement

Construction worker install new roof, Roofing tools, Electric drill used on new roofs with Metal Sheet.

Are you wondering how to approximate the cost of a commercial roof replacement? Apart from being the most important part of your property, the roof is also the most expensive.

To guarantee the safety and security of your employees, customers, and merchandise, the roof must be in excellent condition. But the roof can’t last forever, time will come, and you will need commercial roofing services for roof replacement. If your commercial roof is beyond repair, then a roof replacement is necessary.

However, roof replacement is no simple feat, and the project is likely to take up thousands of dollars. So, how do you go about this The first step of roof replacement is understanding the costs involved in the project.

After you already know the estimates, you can determine the type of replacement and the budget for the project. Well, sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done. Without roofing background experience, how do you know what exactly will impact the cost of your project?

Keep reading to learn how you can estimate the cost of a commercial roofing replacement.

Type of Roof

The key factor impacting the cost of your commercial roofing project is the type of roof. Your commercial roof is either sloped or flat.

For flat roofs, the most common roofing material include built-up bituminous or single-ply roof. These materials are durable, less expensive, and are quick to install. While single-ply material will cost between $3 and $5 per square foot, built-up bituminous goes for $3.5 and $6.5 per square foot.

There are many options for roofing materials for the flat roof, with the most popular being asphalt shingles. This will cost $3.5 and $7 per square foot.

Remember, every roofing material has its own benefits and drawback. While some will last for up to 50 years, they are more expensive.

Roof Access

How easy is it to get to your roof? Your roof access has a similar impact to your roof’s cost, similar to the type of roofing or material used. Such factors as property access, occupancy, height, and areas for material storage affect the project cost.

For instance, if roof replacement in a taller building will be costlier compared to a shorter building. The reason is that cranes might be required to lift materials to the top.

Are you thinking of installing your roof without disrupting the normal operation of the building? If so, then you may need to pay more for the roof replacement. Such a situation will need extra measures to guarantee the occupants’ safety, health, productivity, and comfort. This drives up the costs.

The Roof Structures

The roof is more than meets the eyes. The underneath structure may consist of metal, concrete, cover board, insulation, or wood deck. The condition of these materials will also affect the cost of the roof replacement.

If there is water or impact damage on the structure, then the costs are likely to go high. Work with a reputable roofing contractor who can inspect the roof before project commencement. This can give an accurate estimation of expected costs.

Hire a Commercial Roofing Company for Roof Replacement

A commercial roofing replacement is a huge investment, and you’ve got a lot on the line. For a smooth and successful roof replacement project, work with a reliable commercial roofing company to guide you through.

Use the above tips to estimate the cost of your commercial roof replacement project.

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Steps To the Roof Inspection Process

Missing shingles on roof due to storm damage.

Steps To the Roof Inspection Process

Missing shingles on roof due to storm damage.

While it may not be the first thing anybody notices when they look at your house, your roof plays one of the most important roles in maintaining the life of your home. Every day, your roof is exposed to weather hazards like wind, rain, ice and sun that can result in its deterioration.

Whether you are a brand new home owner, or have been in the same house for decades, you may be wondering how to maintain your roof so that you can get the most life out of it. A professional roof inspection is a great place to start.

Here are some things to remember when considering getting a roof inspection:

Can I Tell If There Is A Problem With My Roof?

The most obvious reason to have your rook looked at would be a clear leak in your home with water pouring in. But leaks are not always as visible as that. Keep your eyes open for stains or streaks on your ceiling that could indicate moisture damage from slow leaks where the water is being absorbed before it goes beyond the ceiling. 

Drafts would be something else that could potentially indicate a problem with your roof. A faulty roof can create problems with air flow and ventilation that could impact your energy bill. 

Do I Need A Roof Inspection If I Do Not See Any Visible Problems With My Roof?

A roof inspector is going to give a rough estimate of the life of your roof.  Not only do insurance companies often require this information in order to give you a policy, but this information is helpful for your own home maintenance as well.

Having an expert give you an idea of the future of your roof will help you to both fix current hidden issues, as well as prepare for impending issues. The sooner you repair small problems the less money you will have to spend with larger, more emergent problems. 

What Will A Roof Inspector Be Looking For?

In order to get a thorough report on the condition of your roof, it is a good idea to have both an interior and exterior perspective. A roof has a lot more parts than the visible top layer that you can see. An expert knows the areas to look for and can spot signs of trouble.

An inspector will search the inside of your home for leaks, mold and wood rot. The inspector will then climb onto your roof and look for issues with flashing, damaged shingles and gutters that are clogged.

The Roof Guys Can Help

If you are wondering what the true condition of your roof is, a professional inspection will help you uncover issues that will only be noticed by a trained eye. Scheduling an annual roof inspection is a great way to stay on top of things.

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