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Do I Need An Estimate To Get A New Roof From Storm Damage?

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You’ve called your insurance company and told them you suspect you have storm damage. They are coming out to inspect the property. Do you have to get an estimate for repairs? It’s time for another quick tip from The Roof Guys.

You do not need an estimate. When an insurance company inspects the roof, they will give you an estimate for repairs. Insurance companies use a program called Xactimate to determine fair market price for roof repairs. They measure the roof, add materials and the estimate is created. The Roof Guys uses the same program. We work with the insurance companies to make sure numbers, materials and labor is correct.

The only thing you are responsible for is your deductible. You can find that number on your declarations page of your homeowners policy. Agents can also let you know what your deductible is when you call.

Let The Roof Guys take the hassle out of your insurance claim.

What's The Process of Getting A New Roof?

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The storm is over, The Roof Guys got you a new roof from storm damage. What now? It’s time for another quick tip from The Roof Guys.

You’ll get an estimate of the damages from the insurance company. There are two figures you’ll be dealing with. The Actual Cash Value and the Recoverable Cash Value. When an insurance company determines the value of your roof, they depreciate it based on the age of the roof. The first check you receive is the actual cash value. It might seem low. Don’t Worry! Once you have the damage repaired, they release the additional funds. Many homeowners think the actual cash value is all they’ll get for the damage. Let The Roof Guys worry about that. The most important thing for you to know as a homeowner is that the only cost to you is your deductible.

Be aware that if you have a mortgage on your home, the insurance company may make the check out to you AND your Mortgage company. If that’s the case you will need to have the Mortgage company endorse the check before you can cash it.

The Roof Guys deal with insurance every day, so give us a call and put your mind to ease.

Know The Insurance Process for Roof Damage Claims.

I have insurance for my roof. I’ve had a storm. Should I file a claim and what do I do? It’s time for another quick tip from The Roof Guys.

A lot of homeowners are reluctant to file a claim because they fear it may affect rates. An act of God will not affect your rates. It doesn’t matter how many storm related claims you have had. On the other hand, if you put in a claim for a broken window caused by someone carelessly throwing a ball and the next year your car hits the side of your garage and you put in another claim, these things that are preventable could affect your rates.

When you have storm damage, call your agent or company and tell them a storm came through and you suspect you may have damage. They’ll ask if everyone is ok, ask if there is any water damage on the inside of the home and set up an inspection.

Call The Roof Guys and make sure you have a representative there to meet the adjuster. We’ll work with them to determine the extent of the damage and work with you to get it fixed.

What Happens When I Get My Roof Inspected for Damage?

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You’ve called you insurance company about storm damage. They call back and tell you they will be inspecting the property. What now? It’s time for another quick tip from The Roof Guys.

You want to have a representative there when the insurance adjuster comes to the property. If you’ve signed up with The Roof Guys you’ll, let the adjuster know that they need to contact us before the adjustment so we can make sure to be there. During major storm events, adjusters get assigned multiple claims and they work through these claims as quickly as possible.

The advantage of having a representative from The Roof Guys is that we’ve already inspected the property. We know where to show adjusters the extent of the damage. We know the history of the roofs in the neighborhood like how many have been bought and the insurance companies represented in that neighborhood.

If we disagree on damage, we will have the adjuster document and photograph our concerns so everyone has a record of what was seen. We do this in a professional, not combative way. It shows respect, but also builds our case if the roof is denied.

The Problem with Storm Chasers.

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A storm has come through. You walk outside to assess the damage and 10 minutes later a guy walks up and says he can get you a new roof because of the hail. Who is this guy? It’s time for another quick tip from The Roof Guys.

Storm chasers have been around for years. The problem is you can’t tell the good ones from the bad ones. They know they have to say what you want to hear. They lie. They create damage on your roof just to get a sale. They don’t care about you or your home. They use non-local crews and when you have issues, they have moved on and your “Warranty” is just like them. No where to be found.

The Roof Guys WILL be in areas where there have been storms. The difference is that we are local, we’ve been here for 10 years, we are insurance experts and we actually care about you.

Know what to look for wit these pop-up companies. Do they have a local number? Do they have a web site? Reviews? Don’t sign anything until you’ve researched the company. And if you’ve already signed an agreement with someone, call The Roof Guys and we’ll help you out.

What Can I Expect the Day of the Roofing Project?

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Your roof is bought, the project is scheduled and we’re on our way to the job. What can you expect the during the project? It’s time for another quick tip from The Roof Guys.

Getting a new roof is a major construction project, typically completed in one day. The Roof Guys will work with you to determine which side of the driveway to put our dump trailer on. Materials may be delivered the day before the job so We ask that you make sure all vehicles are out of the garage. If the garage is directly below the roof, there may be bitumen(Shingle dust) inside the garage. There may be a few nails on the ground bduring cleanup, so make sure you have shoes on if you’re outside that day. You do not have to be present during the project.

If possible, mow your lawn the day before the project. It’s a lot easier to pick up nails and debris in short grass. If you have a dog, please do a poop pass for us. We’d really appreciate it.

The project will start early in the morning and there will be a lot of construction noise, so just remember that it’s short term and you’ll have a brand new roof by the end of the day.


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You had hail damage last year. Your neighbor over here got a new roof, this neighbor got a new roof, the one across the street got a new roof and your was denied. You’re stuck in an insurance claim. SO, why did that happen and what can you do? It’s time for another quick tip, from The Roof Guys.

Talk to your neighbors. Find out who they have insurance with. If they use the same company, you have an advantage because the same insurance company bought the roof next door. You may have gotten an Adjuster that missed damage. It does happen.

During storm events, Adjusters move through claims quickly. If you used a storm chaser company, they probably didn’t care that you got denied because they have 15 other roofs that did get bought. They’ve probably changed their phone number by now. They work on mass sales and they don’t really care about the individual. The Roof Guys do care.

Call The Roof Guys. If you have damage, we’ll find it. If you have damage, we will work WITH your insurance company to make sure you get a new roof. Don’t wait to call. The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll have a new roof and peace of mind.

What Should You Do When A Storm Hits?

Sirens are going off. A Severe storm is heading toward you. You only have a few minutes. What should you do? It’s Time for another quick tip from The Roof Guys.

Stay away from doors and windows. Don’t be a hero and try and videotape the approaching storm. Get everyone downstairs and keep calm. After the storm, when it’s safe, gather, measure and freeze the hail. Take photos or video of the hail. If hail is clear, it indicates a harder, more frozen hail that is capable of more damage that a milky color which indicates less frozen masses.

Inspect damage from the ground. Don’t attempt to put a ladder up and inspect the roof. Look at downspouts. Are they dented? Inspect the cladding around windows for dents. Look at plants and see if the leaves are shredded. All these are signs of damage.

Call The Roof Guys and get us out there as soon as possible so our experts can assess the damage and determine the best possible plan of action.

Why Pick the Roof Guys?

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You need a new roof. As of last check there were about 1000 options for roofing companies in Minnesota alone. So why pick us? It’s time for another quick tip from The Roof Guys.

Roofing companies come and go. The Roof Guys has been in business for over 10 years. They have done over 2000 roofs. The Roof Guys work WITH insurance companies, not against them to ensure you get the roof you deserve. We work on weekends, accept VISA and we are local.

When you choose a roofing company, you want to make sure you can trust them to do the right thing. The right thing may be to let you know you don’t have storm damage. Many contractors will knock on your door and tell you they’re certain that your roof is destroyed. You need to sign up NOW to get it fixed. We don’t do that. We assess the damage, look at storm damage trends in your neighborhood and tell you like it is. No games, no false claims. It’s why we’ve been in business for over 10 years.

Call the Roof Guys today for your free assessment of your roof and know that you’re calling a company that has been there and will still be there when you need them.

Can The Roof Guys Help Me with My Chimney?

Unfortunately The Roof Guys do not offer any chimney services, but we can point our clients in the right direction. You can go to www.ChimGuard.com for all your chimney service needs. 

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