10 Questions To Ask a Roofer Before Hiring Them

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Hiring the right roofer can be just as stressful as replacing the roof itself. A roofing company might have a slick website and a handful of glowing reviews, but how do you know they’re the right fit for your needs and budget? Before signing any paperwork, ask potential roofing contractors these 10 questions.

1. Are You Licensed?

To obtain a local or state roofing license, roofers must demonstrate knowledge and experience in working with local building codes. Working with unlicensed roofers, there’s less you can do to avoid scams, overcharging and shoddy workmanship.

2. Are You Insured?

Even for one-story homes and businesses, roofing can be dangerous. According to a US Bureau of Labor survey, almost 3,500 workers died from fall-related injuries from 2016 to 2020. You don’t want to be responsible for damages or injuries, so a fully-insured roofing contractor is a must.

3. What Is Your Quote and Inspection Policy?

Without upselling materials and services you don’t need, confident, transparent roofers should provide free initial estimates and quotes. They should follow up with a more in-depth roof inspection.

4. Do You Offer Roof Warranties?

To back up claims of superior workmanship and materials, a licensed roofer should offer warranties on any roof repairs or replacements that cover anywhere from 2 to 25 years.

5. Will You Protect My Property During Repair and Installation?

Using tarps, roofers should protect your landscaping, decks, windows and other outdoor installations from falling debris, dust and tools.

6. Will You Remove My Old Roof?

In some instances, it’s perfectly ok to cover an old roof with a new one, but sometimes building codes or heavy damage requires new roof installation or full roof replacement. A trustworthy roofer will go over your options in detail.

7. What About New Ventilation?

This goes outside the normal scope of what roofers do, but it’s certainly a plus. Before installing new roofs, skilled contractors may be able to install new energy-efficient ventilation, saving you time and money.

8. Will You Come Out Quickly for Emergencies?

Mother nature works around the clock — so should a good roofer. In 2020 and 2021, winter storms did $1.1 billion in damage to homes and businesses in the US. When storms strike in snowy places like Minnesota, emergency roof repair is vital to your safety.

9. Can I See Some of Your Past Projects?

A roofing assessment can be technical, so pictures help. Ask about past roofing projects. Some may be posted on their website, but a confident roofer will be quick to highlight recent accomplishments and challenges.

10. Who Do I Talk to if Something Goes Wrong?

If your bill is higher than the estimate, something gets damaged or you’re just not satisfied, you want to talk to someone directly. This is where a trusted local roofing company shines. As integral parts of the local community, your concerns can be met by owners and administrators that are truly invested in your project.

Now that you know how to find a roofer, take your questions to the Roof Guys, a team of professional roofers in Minneapolis. As fully-licensed, insured and dedicated local roofers, we meet every roofing project with ingenuity and dedication. Contact us today for a quote.