Cedar Roofing

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Cedar Roofing

Our cedar roofing service is a specialty service we provide for customers looking for a more natural solution to their roofing problems. Cedar roofing is perfect in combatting the cold, damp climate of the Minneapolis region. It has a lot of natural properties that make it a favorite of homeowners, and it is relatively low maintenance. Cedar roofing also has a beautiful aesthetic that really accentuates the outside features of your home.

However, cedar roofing takes a certain level of precision and care in order for it to be installed correctly. You don’t want just any roofing company to install it. Rather, you need the best roofing company to ensure that your cedar roofing is perfect and made to last. It only makes sense then that The Roof Guys are the only local company you can trust to install and maintain your cedar roofing in the Twin City Metro area.

What are the Benefits of Having Cedar Shingles or Shakes?

  • When cedar is installed perfectly, cedar shingles and shakes can turn the tide in the battle of weather-proofing your home. Cedar is a species of wood that can last for a long time. Its oils are a natural deterrent for bugs, water, and rot that can often arise over time with other roofing options. And when cedar is spaced properly to allow for ventilation, then it acts as a natural insulator for your home to maintain maximum structural integrity.

However, cedar needs to be installed correctly to take advantage of all of its perks. If it isn’t, then poor ventilation will deteriorate the wood faster and cause it to be susceptible to trapped moisture and algae growth. We also recommend that our customers strongly consider choosing cedar shakes over shingles. Shakes are stronger and can stand up to hail and ice better. Shingles are thinner and will suffer from extended wear and tear when exposed to these same natural forces.

Here’s a summary of the benefits cedar roofing provides customers:

  • Natural oil prevents decay and trapped moisture
  • Cedar wood deters insects and other pests
  • Shakes are strong enough to resist warping, hail damage, and curls
  • Cedar roofing is relatively low-maintenance
  • Cedar adds natural colors and beauty to your home or business
  • It can withstand harsh weather over an extended period of time
  • Cedar is an excellent insulator when given proper ventilation

Feel free to give The Roof Guys a call to learn more about the natural benefits of cedar roofing and whether it is a viable option for your home. If it is, we’ll be more than happy to work with your insurance agent to.