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Roof Replacement

It Might Be Time To Replace Your Roof.

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Roof Replacement

Most everything in the world has a lifespan, and that includes your roof. Between time, weather, and that few times you’ve crawled up there to put up Christmas lights, your roof has taken a beating. And when it’s all become too much for your poor old roof, and a repair simply won’t due, it’s time to start thinking about total roof replacement.

At The Roof Guys, we’ve got the experienced roof contractors who’ll answer all your questions and provide you with fantastic results. No matter your roof’s condition, style request, or budget, we have a solution to give you a beautiful new roof and many years of reliable, new protection. Simply give us a call and our experts will come out to assess your property, provide you with a comprehensive report you can understand, and help find you a solution that fits your vision and your budget. With more than 20 years dedicated to this industry, you won’t find a more reliable, trustworthy, and committed roofing company than The Roof Guys.

Does Your Roof Need to be Replaced?

For roof replacement in Apple Valley, Minnesota, turn to The Roof Guys. The proven quality of our roofing services and customer care have made us the obvious choice locally. Find out what puts us ahead of the competition.

Full roof replacement comes with a large number of benefits beyond just the obvious visual look. For one, it provides more structural integrity to the rest of the house. If holes or cracks exist, water is more likely to make its way into the support beams and joints of the house and slowly start to break things down on the inside.

What’s more, a new roof not only increases the safety of the structure, but of your property and the people inside. When water makes its way into your home, it’s highly likely that there are places in your home that will develop harmful molds and mildew that can impact your lung capacity, lung strength and overall health.

Beyond your personal health, water that snakes its way into your own can cause damage to drywall and attic insulation, and even the personal property inside. When you choose to replace your roof with The Roof Guys, you’ll enjoy a long-term warranty with your new room, and we’ll even service it regularly to keep it stronger and healthier for years to come.

About 95% of our business is roof replacement. If you’re looking at an expensive roof replacement, we work to get you that roof at a lower cost by meeting with insurance companies. In the state of Minnesota, there is a statute that you have up to 2 years to get insurance to cover storm damage. We work with the insurance companies to make sure you are covered within that time frame.

5 ways to know if you need to replace your roof:

  • Your roof suffers from a major loss of shingles or multiple/sizable punctures
  • You’re looking to change the curb appeal
  • You’re noticing dark, damp, wet spots that don’t match the rest of your roof
  • Insurance is requesting a replacement
  • You’re going to sell your home and want to add value

Factors You Should Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Just like any other investment, it’s important to know what you’re walking into before you decide on a strong plan of action. By working closely with our contractors, we can determine what you need and what you want, and then find the happy medium that matches your budget.

Here are 3 critical decisions you should make before requesting roof replacement:

Choice of Material

This actually plays a major factor in determining how your roof looks, how it performs during weather, and how long it will last. The choice between metal, tile and asphalt roofing all comes with pros and cons which will affect the functional lifetime value.

Color & Style

That’s right, curb appeal. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to settle for black shingles! Choosing a color and style that matches your property is ideal, especially if you plan on selling it sometime in the future.

Proper Guttering

This is more of a necessary amenity, which makes it very important when it comes to roof replacement. Our experienced team will determine whether your gutters are in good or poor condition, and can replace them along with the roof to ensure drainage problems don’t occur down the road.

Exterior Consultations

Are you unsure about the cause of a leak or sag? The Roof Guys will consult with you and advise if the job is easy or complex, and whether or not the problem is jeopardizing the home. If the issue can be solved through your insurance claim, we will help to finalize it. If not, we will advise how long you have to fix the problem before it becomes an issue with your insurance company.

There are many differences in residential roofing, which is why The Roof Guys are ready and able to match your new roof to your individual needs. Whether steep, low sloped or flat, we offer the versatile solutions to help you protect your property and your family from whatever Minnesota weather throws your way.


We always use modern materials when we do siding work, such as vinyl, aluminum, steel, and composite board. Our company provides a service that matches all current types of siding, as well as discontinued models and brands. However, if we are unable to match siding for partials, the siding on the whole house will be replaced. If your insurance company has a siding match clause, we can negotiate with them to get the whole of your siding replaced.

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