Why You Should Call a Roofing Company Before Your Insurance Company

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Why You Should Call a Roofing Company Before Your Insurance Company

Every year, wind and hail alone account for upwards of $14 billion in roof damage. Not surprisingly, that makes a roof damage claim one of the more common insurance claims a homeowner can make. If you face storm damage to your roof, calling your insurance company is likely your first instinct. Yet, it’s not necessarily the best move you can make. In fact, you should put off calling your insurance company until after you get in touch with a roofing company. Wondering why? Keep reading for the reasons you call a roofing company before you touch base with your insurer.

A Roof Insurance Claim can Prove Complex

Insurance companies prefer it if they can avoid paying out on claims. That’s why insurance policies contain clauses excluding certain kinds of damage. Beyond that, the process itself can leave your head spinning. In addition to exclusions, you must consider your deductible. Is filing a claim worth the bother? If the deductible will chew through most of the settlement, it probably isn’t worth the effort involved. How long will it take before an adjuster comes out to look at the roof? If your roof is leaking, waiting may create more trouble than it’s worth. Deciding on whether you should call the insurer requires information you can really only get from a roofing expert.

You Get an Expert Opinion

The damage from a storm can prove disastrous for your roof. A few common types of damage include:

  • Shattered shingles
  • Damaged seals
  • Granule loss

A roofing expert can examine your roof and make a solid assessment of what you can lay at the feet of the storm. If there was a pre-existing problem, they can tell you that too. If there was a problem already, it often means you won’t get anywhere with the roof insurance claim.

Clear Numbers

The insurance adjuster who comes out probably possess roofing expertise. That means they’ll make a recommendation based on general information about roofing. That number won’t come from a clear knowledge of local costs. A roofer can give you a fairly precise number for what the total repairs will cost. That information will let you negotiate more effectively with the insurance company if the adjuster’s number is off. It also lets you decide if filing the claim makes sense. If your deductible will chew through most of the settlement, there’s no upside to making a claim.

Calling a Roofing Company Makes Sense

Calling a roofing company before your insurance company makes sense. The roofer can provide you the kind of information you’ll need before you can make a good decision about filing a claim. The roofer can give you a clear idea of how much damage the storm caused and how much damage was already there. They can also give you a solid estimate for the overall repair costs. That information can make a roof damage claim a moot point or drive home the necessity of filing the claim.

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