Is Your Roof Ready for Spring? Prep It Now!

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You might be surprised to learn that replacement parts for roofs account for approximately ninety percent of roofing labor. Over time, weather and debris can take their toll on the roof of your home. Therefore, it is all the best for both your wallet and your home’s safety to take precautions and prepare it for incoming conditions.

With the weather getting warmer, you should be confident that your roof is ready for spring. If you aren’t sure, you probably have some maintenance to take care of. Learn all you need to know about roof preparation with these simple steps.

Clear Debris From Your Roof

After a long winter, it’s all but inevitable that your roof will have endured all manner of long-accrued debris. Foreign objects like fallen tree branches, dead leaves, and remains of animal nests can be both an eyesore and lead to roof damage.

The first task on your spring roofing checklist should be to remove all such debris from your roof. With a good pair of gloves, clear all waste and plant matter buildup from your gutters and shingles.

Check For Roofing Damage

Once your roof is clear, it will be all the easier for your to check for roof damage.

To get your roof ready for the spring, you will want to do a sweep to make sure no shingles on your roof are warped, buckling, or missing. In the places where you notice shingle wear and tear, you will want to use a good roof sealant to treat the damaged spot.

In addition, a helpful way to spot areas of your roof that need attention is to check for attic damage as well. If you have an accessible attic or crawlspace beneath your roof, look for areas where you can see light or feel outdoor temperatures creeping in.

This will allow you to easily pinpoint the parts of your roof that are vulnerable to harmful leaks, which can lead to mold and further damage within your home.

Leave Spring Roof Maintenance to the Professionals

There’s no way around it: inspecting or repairing one’s roof is inherently dangerous. Even if you physically feel up to the task of accessing and navigating your roof, the slightest slip can mean a severe injury or worse.

If you have even the slightest doubt as to your ability to properly assess your roof, you should consult a qualified residential roofing service. Whether your roof needs inspecting, cleaning, or re-shingling, you will be able to rest easy knowing the job is in experienced and capable hands.

Don’t Wait For Roof Damage to Spread

The most important part of performing seasonal roof maintenance is catching any potential problems with your roof before they become too big to ignore. Don’t worry, we here at The Roof Guys have over twenty years of experience repairing roofs and are happy to help.

Get in touch with us to let us know what we can do for your roof or get a quote today!