How to Identify and Fix Roof Hail Damage?

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Many homeowners may be unaware of the damage a hail storm can cause on their roofs. Hail storm damages may range from minor to severe depending on the intensity and size of the hails. You can minimize the impact of a hail storm by identifying its signs on time and conducting roof repairs at the earliest.

How to Identify Hail Damage?

Before commencing the repairing process, it’s essential to identify the source and extent of damage caused by hailstones. Here are a few signs to look for to identify hail damage on your roof:

Inspect Your Gutters and Downspouts

Some signs of hail damage can also be seen in the surrounding areas. If your roof suffered significant hail damage, your gutters will also show some impact damage. Gutters and downspouts often get dents from hail impact. Your gutter screens, window frames, sidings, and any other metal surface exposed to hailstorm may also show some signs of hail damage. Chipped paint from decks and other painted surfaces is also a common sign of impact.

Look for Damaged Shingles

Hail damage to shingles can sometimes be quickly noticed or require an expert eye to spot it. Hail impact can cause dents and splits on the shingles. If the roof is exposed to heavy hail storms, shingles can start to curl up or eventually tear off. Loose granules from the shingles suggest that the integrity of the shingles has been compromised and can lead to a roof leak if not treated on time.

Inspect Loose Granules or Cracks

Another common sign of hail damage is loose granules in the downspouts and gutters. Many people may think that finding a few loose granules is not a reason to worry. But, these loose granules indicate the level of damage your roof suffered. It requires a strong force to knock the materials off the surface of shingles. So, if you find any loose granules in the gutters, downspouts, pool or on the ground, you must repair them immediately.

Fixing Your Roof Hail Damage

If your roof is easily accessible, you can identify the signs of hail damage on the roof. The next step is to schedule a professional roof inspection by a roofing contractor. A skilled roofing contractor can identify the level of damage and point out any signs of the impact that you have skipped.

You can contact your insurance company and check whether you can claim the roof repair. The amount of claim depends on the severity of roof damage.

Your best option to fix roof damage is to hire a professional roofing contractor. Though the damages on your roof may seem insignificant, a professional can better analyze the situation and conduct repairs accordingly.

Get Professional Help From Roofing Experts

If you see any signs of hail damage, contact the experts at The Roof Guys to schedule a free thorough inspection and identify the severity of the roof damage. Our experienced, highly-trained and knowledgeable staff offers the best-in-class pocket-friendly craftsmanship. Contact us today to learn more about our services.