How Much Does a Shake Roof Cost?

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Did you know that the price of a shake roof on average can range between $11,000 and $18,000? Thankfully all roofs are different and they’re all based on certain things. This price could be more or less as it will depend on things like the square footage, materials, and if your home is a standard size.

Don’t forget, no one likes to be upsold on things that they don’t need or to overpay for the things that they do. If you’re not sure where to start, that’s ok, that’s why you ask the professionals.

You want to elude the issue of overspending so it’s important to get a proper estimate. You will want to work with a contractor that will provide you with extensive details on what needs repaired, removed, or replaced.

It’s even better working with a contractor that will stick within your budget and lock in your price point without the fear of the price that you were promised being changed. Don’t settle when it comes to your roof, instead, go with experienced professionals and have it done right the first time with your budget in mind.

Keep reading to have all of your shake roof questions answered and to receive information on how to get started with your next home project.

What Is A Shake Roof and How Does A Shake Differ From A Shingle?

What exactly is a shake? Well, generally you’ll take a log, hand-split a piece of wood from that log, and shape it into a block. So, in simpler terms, a shake is just a wooden shear that is typically made from a split log. The difference between both is in appearance.

Shakes are generally thicker than a shingle would be and they also match the grain of wood more closely than a shingle would.

If you have a shake in one hand, you might notice that the surface is pretty uneven and if you have a shingle in the other hand, you may notice that the surface is noticeably smooth.

How To Get A Quote For Your Shake Roof

A new roof can be quite costly and that’s why you want to work with first-rate contractors. With the roof guys, you will have the option to take advantage of free inspections, quotes, and financing options.

Is A Shake Roof What My Home Needs?

If you’re interested in the look of a shake roof you may find it helpful to know that with the proper maintenance and installation a shake roof can last about 30 years.  If you initially invest in high-quality materials you could even extend the life of your roof by 20 more years.

You’ll want to start out by scheduling a maintenance check for your roof at least every five years. If this is going to be a brand new roof you would benefit from having a professional review the previous job assess what you will need.

You can determine the type of roof that you need by assessing the type of area that you live in and by what you want to get out of it. Shake roofing is often resistant to insects and other elements such as the wind and snow.

Here’s something that you may find interesting; cedar roofing adds value to homes and appeals to future home buyers should you decide to sell. So, if you have a cedar roof installed, not only are there multiple options to choose from but your potential listing would appeal to new buyers.

Time To Get Started

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