Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?

roof replacement, homeowners insurance coverage

When you don’t have homeowners insurance, roof repairs and replacements may cost you a fortune. A typical roof replacement may cost between $3.5 and $5 per square foot, depending on where you are located and what roof materials you want to use. 

You can save on your roof replacement when you have homeowners insurance. Your policy may cover roof repairs and roof replacements under certain conditions. 

Roof replacement can be covered so long as it’s a result of either an accident or an act of nature such as a heavy storm. However, when you neglect to maintain your roof and eventually damaged them, homeowners insurance will not cover your repairs or replacements. You will also get limited coverage when your roofs are old or more than 20 years old. 

Tips to Get Homeowners Insurance to Pay for Your Roof

The first thing you need to do is review your insurance policy to ensure that you have fully understood what is covered and what’s not. Then, we have helpful tips to help you get approved for your roof claim. 

Prepare Documentation

Before contacting the homeowners insurance, ensure that you keep a record of maintenance or roof repairs. Include before and after photos and inspections. You may also contact a professional to help you assess the roof damage. Ensure you have all the proper documentation before getting in touch with your insurance company. 

Hire a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Whether you need replacements or repairs, always work with a licensed and insured roofing contractor to avoid problems with your homeowners insurance. Contractors also work with insurance companies; they may give you good advice to help you get approval for your claim. 

Choose a contractor that has been helping homeowners and commercial property owners with their roofs for several years. Experience would make them experts with roof repairs and replacements. Make sure that they care about your property as much as they care about generating revenue.

Get the Estimates

Insurance companies may be needing these, so get a closer estimate for your roof repairs or replacements from the roofing contractor. If possible, be very detailed about it. Include the roofing materials used and other important information. 

Maintain Your Roof

As much as possible, hire a contractor that can help you maintain your roof. Also, never ignore minor problems as that may result in even costly roof repairs. Instead, contact a professional right away so they can do a proper inspection of your roof and recommend solutions. 

To save on a new roof, we recommend that you research and get different estimates for your replacements. Also, don’t always go with the lowest price when getting a new roof. Always prioritize the quality first before price. 

Contact The Roof Guys

Do you need help with roof repairs or replacements? You can get a No Hassle and No Obligation free estimate from us. Also, we work directly with your insurance company to help you save money. Contact us today if you have questions.