5 Roofing Materials for Minnesota’s Climate: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

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Have you wondered about the best ways to keep your roofing in MN warm and safe?

If you live in Minnesota, you need to take extra precautions to make sure your roof functions well in the harsh climate. Certain materials work better than others when it comes to outlasting the cold, Minnesota winters. 

So, before you go about the best roof MN offers, you need to know about these materials. Below, we’ll get into the top 5 roofing materials for Minnesota’s climate. Keep reading to learn more and keep your roof from wearing out too early!

1. Slate and Composite Tile

Heavy materials generally work better when it comes to defending your house against the Minnesota weather. 

Slate and tile are two popular forms of MN roofing materials. Both can withstand rain and snow, which Minnesota has a lot of.

There are many different types of tile shingles. If you prefer lighter materials, composite tile shingles are more lightweight than regular shingles. This gives you excellent protection while not forcing you to use some of the more heavy materials. 

2. Asphalt Roofing

If you have a tight budget, asphalt roofing might be the best for your MN roof. They’re a lot less expensive than some other forms of roofing.

These shingles have waterproof qualities and can withstand high winds. In addition, they are resistant to rain and snow. Asphalt roofing is also easy to install, making roofing in Minnesota less labor-intensive.

3. Cement Tiles

Cement tiles do more than protect your roofing in MN from extreme weather events. They can also protect your home against fire.

Cement tiles are fire-resistant. So, if your home catches fire, it won’t be able to spread to other parts of the house via the roof. These types of tiles are recommended for people in Minnesota who live in highly forested areas. This reduces the risk that your roof will become destroyed if a forest fire occurs. 

These types of tiles also protect your home from wind, snow, and rain.

4. Solar Panels

If you want to protect your home and use green energy, you should consider installing solar panels as part of your roofing. 

You can choose between two types of solar roofs for Minnesota homes. Active solar panels soak up solar energy and convert it into energy and heat. Passive panels draw in hot air and then use it to melt snow and ice.

Solar panels can get expensive, so you should check your roofing material budget.

5. Metal Roofing in MN

Snow and ice on the roof can grow dangerous. They can lead to icicle formation. If icicles fall on people or objects, they can cause damage.

Metal roofs can help you get rid of unwanted ice and snow on your roof. They often have heating components that melt the ice and snow. If they get inserted and maintained in a correct manner, they will keep your home warm.

Ready to Get Roofing in Minnesota?

Choosing the right roofing in MN winters involves looking at your own personal preferences and a knowledge of what will last for years.

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