4 Reasons Fall is the Right Time to Replace Your Roof

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Summer is over, and fall has started. You probably have a lot of things on your to-do list for the coming months, but don’t forget about replacing your roof. Here are four reasons why the right time to replace your roof is now:

The Weather is Mild

Fall in Minnesota is a perfect time to replace your roof. The weather is milder, so you don’t have to worry about working on the roof while it’s still warm out and risking heat exhaustion or other injuries from being on a hot roof too long. Spring and summer can have their fair share of heavy downpours and wind storms, especially here in Minnesota, where fall can be a calmer season, making it easier to schedule your new roof and not have storm delays. Fall also brings with it fewer bugs and critters that could damage any exposed wood, which means that replacing your shingles at this time of year will save you money in the long run by preventing future repairs.

Easier to Install Shingles

Another reason why fall is great for new roofs is because it’s easier for contractors to work on a shingled roof when it’s cooler out. It’s easier to install shingles when it’s not too cold or hot, so you won’t have to worry about the shingles becoming brittle or sticky. In fact, when installing your shingles in the fall, you can be sure that they’ll stay firmly in place thanks to their optimal temperature and moisture levels. If you hire someone who does not have experience working with cold weather installation techniques, they may make mistakes due to their inability to properly handle materials like plywood and underlayment during colder temperatures. A professional should be able to install your shingles safely and effectively regardless of when this happens!

Keeps Your Home Safe Through Colder Seasons

With a new roof, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected from snow and ice. In the winter months, ice dams and buildup of snow on the roof can be dangerous to your home. A new roof helps insulate your property and prevent these kinds of issues from occurring.

Saves Your Family Money

You may be wondering how a roofing update can save you money. A new roof is an investment in your home, but it’s also an investment in the comfort and safety of your family. If your current roof is starting to show signs of wear and tear, a new one will help keep your home insulated against the elements, which means less energy used on heating or cooling costs throughout the year. Replacing old materials with newer ones can also help boost the value of your property—something that could come in handy down the road when it comes time to sell!

There Are Many Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof

There are many reasons fall is the best time to replace your roof. While some homeowners may think spring is the perfect season to install a new roof, there are plenty of advantages to waiting until fall. For one thing, you’re less likely to be dealing with extreme temperatures when you remove and replace your old shingles.

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, there are many good reasons to do so now. The weather is mild, the trees have shed their leaves and are no longer shedding branches on your home, and it’s easier to install shingles in fall than in springtime when they may get wet or icy during the process. If you have an older roof with issues such as leaks or mold growth, it could be putting you at risk of water damage or even fire danger if not remedied soon. Finally—and perhaps most importantly—a new roof will help save energy costs year-round by keeping heat inside during cold winter months without making rooms too hot during sweltering summer days!

Contact our expert team of roofing contractors to get your roof on the schedule for this fall!